The Original Sea-Band

Sea-Band is the original drug-free wristband that's FDA approved for nausea relief that's caused by chemotherapy.

Sea-Band is clinically proven to reduce the effects of nausea through acupressure.  It's an elastic knitted wristband that can be easily applied by cancer patients to provide effective and safe relief from nausea.  Sea-Bands usually begin to relieve nausea within fifteen minutes after starting use.  The wristbands work through a small bead embedded in the wristband that exerts a constant, gentle pressure on the Nei-Kuan acupressure point on the inner wrist.

And because they are drug free, they are safe for pregnant women, cancer patients  and even children.  Sea-Bands can be used before or after the onset of nausea.  You can wear them as long as needed and reuse them when nausea returns.

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