Alra Therapy Lotion

Since 1987, ALRA Therapy Lotion has been providing relief and encouraging healing of the skin during cancer treatment.  Developed by a European cosmetic chemist whose wife was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, ALRA Therapy Lotion is used and recommended in many of the nation’s finest Cancer Treatment Centers.  Doctors rely on ALRA Therapy Lotion and agree that when individuals use begins early in the treatment phase, it can prevent or minimize skin sensitivity and breakdown for many patients, without interfering with treatment.

ALRA's unique combination of five powerful ingredients differentiates it from other skin care lotions and creams.  In addition, all five active ingredients are formulated in significant amounts to meet or surpass the recommended levels for efficacy and effectiveness in clinical applications.  As in all three ALRA Care Products, to lessen the possibility of allergic reactions or skin dryness, no fragrance, no color, and no alcohol is used in the product formulation.

ALRA Therapy Lotion offers soothing relief to skin exposed to Radiation Therapy and to dry and sensitive skin due to Chemotherapy.  It is also effective in the treatment of eczema, sunburn, abrasions, diaper rash, and other severe dry skin conditions.  Using ALRA Therapy Lotion daily helps you actively participate in your treatment and healing.     4 oz. bottle

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